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Funeral Flowers

Funeral Tributes & Sympathy Flowers Saying goodbye with a LUXE design

Our funeral flowers are custom made for you

We understand that a tribute for someone you care for, is a very personal sentiment.

We will work with you to create traditional tributes, sprays for the coffin, lettering and personalised arrangements.

We will ensure a smooth process by co-ordinating directly with the funeral director for delivery.

Please contact us for further details.


Hearts, wreaths and crosses are some of the traditional ways our clients have chosen to honour their loved ones. Available in a range of sizes and colours, we can add personalised ribbon detail to create a truly bespoke arrangement.

Coffin Top

An arrangement to dress the top of the coffin or casket. To include your loved one’s favourite style, favourite flowers or even in colours to represent their favourite football team, we will work with the family to create a flower design that is meaningful to you all.


Lettering will often be displayed in the hearse and show names, relationship terms and messages. We will work alongside the family to ensure the flowers are a fitting tribute, personalised in preferred colours.


Our bespoke tributes are our most requested funeral flowers
Custom-designed arrangements reflect the unique personality and interests of your loved one. From hobbies, to themes, to
cartoon characters we will encapsulate their personality; these are truly a work of love.

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