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Workshops & Floristry Classes

How many times have you wondered how that was made or wished you could make it yourself. Do your children have a creative streak and are looking for a fun yet educational birthday party? Why not make it a social occasion with a group of family and friends and get us at LUXE Flowers to show you all. Our beautiful shop in Eton, provides an inspirational setting amongst an array of flowers to drive your creativity! We will demonstrate a selection of arrangements and the techniques to create each piece, endeavoring to show you how fun flower arranging can be and why it continues to be our passion!

Latest News:

CHRISTMAS WREATH WORKSHOPS – Dates for 2023 confirmed

Our infamous wreath workshop taking place in-store at LUXE Flowers
Call now or email to book your place! Scroll down for session times and pricing. 


Our infamous wreath workshop taking place in-store at LUXE Flowers
Call now or email to book your place! Scroll down for session times and pricing. 

Thinking about an exclusive event for a group of your friends and family.
If there is a group of 6 (miniumum group size) we can host your own private event here at LUXE Flowers. Or we can come to you! 
Contact us for more information


By request – we are able to provide Gift Vouchers for our Floristry Workshops.
An ideal gift for a creative one! We will provide the lucky receipent a LUXE Flowers voucher with the details of the workshop they will be attending.


Please feel free to contact us with any arrangements or techniques you wish to learn and we can build it into our schedule

Planned Workshops in 2023

Please call 01753 853 300 or email to book your place today!


Come and join us for an evening of wreath making – create your truly bespoke design to adorn your front door this festive season! 
The perfect gift or way to spend time with family and friends. 

Session 1: TUESDAY 28th NOVEMBER

Time: 19:00 (approx 2 hours)
Cost: £63.50 per person

A selection of our past workshops with feedback from our clients

2023 MOTHER’S DAY WORKSHOP – March 2023 – A workshop in honour of Mums, Nans and all Mother figures!

What a fabulous evening spent learning how to arrange flowers in oasis.
Our clients went for a mix of designing and creating round table centres, long & low table centres and even those to be placed on windowsills. 
A mix of colours and styles were acheived. 

Some feedback from the evening; 
“Thank you for being so patient and informative. I was so pleased with the final design and with your care tips the arrangement lasted for over 2 weeks!”


Back by popular demand, we ran 7 festive workshops this year. 

Some of the feedback from the evenings; 
“We attended in 2020 and really loved it. We thought we would try somewhere different in 2021 but true testament to how brillaint the LUXE workshops are we have returned this year and won’t be going anywhere else again! Lovely evening”

“My 5th year attending and I love it more each year. Thank you Natalie!”

“Great range of products to choose from. Natalie said at the beginning of the session each wreath would look different and she was not wrong.”

Please see our social channels for more photos of the evening. 

2018 & 2019 & 2020

CHRISTMAS WREATH WORKSHOPS: These workshops continue to be our most popular sessions. 
Year after year, we have returning clients looking to push their creativeness, and those that are first timers who we hope to turn into second timers!

Some of the feedback from our 2020 workshops;
“Natalie ensured we all were socially distanced and my Mum and I felt really safe. In light of what has been happening in the world this year, it was a welcomed relief to be doing something normal again. We both loved it!”

“This is my 5th year making my wreath at LUXE. Each year there is a fantastic selection of decorative items. This year I went glitzy, next year I’m ready to try something new – I can’t wait. Thank you for a great evening!”

Come and design your very own bespoke Christmas Door Wreath to adorn your front door for the festive season. Each person will be provided with a blue pine wreath and then you will select from a range of festive decorative items. Our workshops are unique as we use a range of traditional and contemporary items to suit your taste. We can guarantee your neighbours with be as green as the grinch with envy!

SUNDAY 28TH OCTOBER: Hand Tied Bouquets
When booking their place on this workshop, each person said – ” I really don’t know what I’m doing!” or “I do not know much about flowers!”.
And by the time the workshop finished, each attendee said they were amazed at what they had acheived!
The workshop started with practising different techniques to create the perfect Hand-Tied Bouquet, with each person finding out what worked for them. The end result was certainly a pleasure to see, and was another succesful workshop. 

Some feedback from the day
“Thank you for an amazing workshop last Sunday! If there’s still space on the 22nd November, I’d love to sign up for the wreath workshop”
Sorry for only sending you a note now. My flowers last nearly 3 weeks and as I said on the day, we had friends over the following weekend and they were equally surprised and chuffed in equal measure that I had made the bouquet displayed in the living room. Thank you for being so patient!”

2017: Festive Door Wreaths: Our most popular workshops to date – all sold out!

3 great evenings, meeting new faces and inviting some faces from past years back, to see what they fancied creating this year!
Following one of the sessions we were invited to a clients home to decorate their entertainment spaces and sprinkled some LUXE Flowers Christmas magic across the entire downstairs of their home. As we pulled up to their home, we were thrilled to see the wreath they had made hanging proudly on their front door!

Some feedback from the sessions;

“Book me on to next years now, had a great time!”

“There is no-way I thought I could make this. The session was fun and well put together. I also picked Natalie’s brains on other flowery bits and she was more than happy to answer and give helpful tips and hints!

“Fab fab FAB!”

flower workshop windsor eton riverside

2017: To say Thank-you to our Mum’s

SUNDAY 12TH MARCH: Spring Posy Centre Pieces and Jam Jar Arrangements
A private Sunday morning workshop working with fragrant Spring Flowers. The ladies learnt some tips and techniques to create the perfect table centre piece.
Some feedback from the evening:

“I am so proud of the arrangement I made today. The tips Natalie shared were definitely helpful. It was amazing how different all the arrangements looked. Can’t wait to try out my next arrangement!”

2016: A new & exciting schedule

THURSDAY 3RD DECEMBER: Christmas Door Wreath Workshop – Session 3
A second chance for us to spend an evening making wreaths at LUXE Flowers. And we certainly finished the 2016 programme on a high!
Some feedback from the evening:

“Thank you Natalie for a really fun evening. I am so pleased with my wreath and think it looks amazing on our door. We have the prettiest door on the street!”

“Thank you to LUXE Flowers for getting me in the Christmas spirit with a fantastic wreath making class. I thoroughly enjoyed the evening and met some lovely ladies. Natalie sure knows how to bring out people’s creative sides!”

WEDNESDAY 30TH NOMEMBER: Christmas Door Wreath Workshop – Session 2
The Savill Garden, Windsor Great Park

It was an honour to be asked by the team at The Savill Garden, to host a Christmas Wreath Workshop at this reknowned location. A group of Savill Garden members gathered for us to share our tips & techniques on how to make their very own wreath.
THURSDAY 24TH NOMEMBER: Christmas Door Wreath Workshop – Session 1
Bringing some festive feeling to the people of Eton and beyond with our first Christmas Wreath Workshop of the year.

Some feedback from the evening:
“This years creation is even better then last years! Thank you again for a fab workshop. Where do I sign up for next year?!”

“I still can’t believe I made it! Thank you for all your help. I didn’t know I was so creative”
THURSDAY 17TH NOVEMBER: Thanksgiving Table Centres
A bit of a twist for this workshop as we hosted at our clients home with a group of close friends. Based on the set-up of their home
Big failure on our part as we omitted to take any photos but nevertheless, some feedback from the evening;

Some feedback from the evening:
“So fun and informative! I feel like I now have the confidence to make a table centre on my own for my next dinner party. Goes without saying, but I will make sure I come to you for the flowers when I do! Thank you again for coming to us!
SUNDAY 10TH APRIL 2016: Mother & Daughter Workshop
A uniqiue gift for Mothers Day – our Mother & Daughter workshop, for some quality time together. A sunny Sunday provided the perfect backdrop for the ladies to learn how to design and create their own long & low table arrangement.

Some feedback from the afternoon:
“It was really great to meet you yesterday, I really enjoyed the class and felt I picked up a lot of helpful tips!”
flower workshop windsor eton riverside 32

2015: Continuing to learn

THURSDAY 3RD DECEMBER: ‘Christmas Wreath’ Workshop.
Due to heightened festive interest, we hosted our second Christmas Wreath Workshop, where our clients learnt how to make their own bespoke Christmas Door Wreaths.

Some feedback from the evening:
“I am so chuffed with my wreath and the fact I can say I made it! Natalie, the workshop was very informative and you are a very patient person! Can’t wait for the next one!”

THURSDAY 26th NOVEMBER: ‘Christmas Wreath’ Workshop.

Back by popular demand, the Christmas Wreath Workshop where our clients take them home to hang in their home and enjoy in the run up to Christmas Day!

Some feedback from the evening:
“I had a greate evening, thank you! I look forward to receiving your 2016 schedule and have 2 friends keen to book the next workshop too! I will see you soon – and on another note, my flowers I bought from LUXE, are still going!”

“Thank you Natalie, I thoroughly enjoyed the evening! My wreath is hanging proudly on my front door!”

SUNDAY 1ST NOVEMBER: Private Workshop: Birthday Celebration

We were contacted by Gabriella in October about hosting a private workshop to celebrate her Mother’s Birthday. All with an interest in flowers, Garbriella, Mum and Sister were keen to celebrate the Birthday in a different way, somewhere where they could chat, catch-up but also making something individual to them. The solution…a LUXE Flowers Floristry Workshop.

Gabriella is also getting married next year, so we planned the workshop around her picking up some techniques to help when she tackles her wedding flowers.

It was clear from the minute the ladies picked the foliage to go into their vase arrangements, that they all had very different tastes. Using an array of pink flowers – a shared like between them all – the tall vase arrangements were fantastic. The second arrangement was a choice between our signature Jam Jars or cupcakes and the ladies commented this was easily something they could adopt to do at home.

Some feedback from the afternoon session:
“Thank you so much Natalie! We had such a lovely afternoon with you! My Mum loved it and all of our flowers are beautiful!”

flower workshop windsor eton riverside 341211

THURSDAY 13th AUGUST: Vase Arrangements

Our clients often comment, how do I know where to put what in my vase when I receive flowers as a gift. Or if I want to buy flowers as a treat to myself, they always look a mess when I get them home and try and arrange them in my vase.

This workshop was designed to help with just that…

We created 2 vase arrangements, both very different, using an array of different flowers. The first a more contemporary design and the second a mixed bunch of flowers transformed into a tall elegant arrangement.

All flowers and vases were taken home by our clients.

Some feedback from the evening:
“I thought it was a really interesting evening. I had no idea about how to arrange flowers before or which flowers were good to use in different arrangements. I also learnt how effective the use of foliage is in creating a really interesting flower arrangement. I found the workshop very enjoyable. And the fact we got 2 vases to take home and lots of flowers was well worth the money!”

Here are the finished arrangements – again we were so involved in the class, we didn’t have chance to take any action shots or even everyone’s finished arrangements!

flower workshop windsor eton riverside 3412113

THURSDAY 5TH FEBRUARY: Dinner Party Table Centre

Learn how to create a long and low table arrangment to make your dinner setting even more beautiful when entertaining friends or family.

Some feedback from the evening…
“It was brilliant timing for me since I am having friends over this weekend and now have my flowers all ready to go! Even better that I can say I made it myself. Thank you to LUXE Flowers for the lesson, we were allowed to work at our own pace and I asked lots of questions and I didn’t feel silly asking either. Excellent evening.”

The ladies with their finished table arrangements and some action shots from the evening…

flower workshop windsor eton riverside 34121132

THURSDAY 23rd APRIL: Table Centre

Back by popular demand was the Table Centre workshop. On the night, the choice was yours as to whether you wished to create a long & low arrangement or a circular posy.

Some feedback from the evening:
“It was a fun relaxed evening. We were given clear, simple instructions to give the structure to our pieces but the creativity was left to us! I asked for advice and Natalie gave me a few options and let me decide which I preferred to do. I didn’t ever think I could make something as pretty as this! Much enjoyed my evening.”

“Dear Natalie, Thank you very much for the brilliant table centre workshop you organised. It was really interesting and informative. I enjoyed the practical ascept of attempting to create my own masterpiece but also the useful tips you gave us along the way. I’m looking forward to the next workshop already…! Melissa”

It was interesting to see how different all the arrangements looked despite everyone having basically the same ‘equipment’ i.e. foliage and flowers. Each arrangement had a truly personal touch.

Here are the finished arrangements – we didn’t have chance to take any action shots during the evening as we were all too busy…!

2014: Launch Yeare

THURSDAY 4th DECEMBER: ‘Christmas Wreath’ Workshop.

Learn how to make your own bespoke Christmas Door Wreaths. Take home to hang in your home and enjoy in the run up to Christmas Day. Also, design either your own Jam Jar or flower Cup-Cake

Some feedback from the evening…
“Thank you so much for a wonderful evening. It was very relaxed, fun and informative. I came away with an amazing Christmas wreath, something I thought I could never acheive.”

The ladies with their finished Wreaths and some action shots from the evening…

THURSDAY 13th NOVEMBER: ‘Oasis Table Centre’ Workshop.

Learn how to create a beautiful centre piece, an ideal decoration for your dinner party table or for your living room. Plus design your own signature jam-jar arrangement!

Some feedback from the evening…
“Thank you for the fantastic flower arranging class. Beautiful shop, wonderful girls xxx”

“I had such a fun night! I was a bit nervous coming along on my own but it was so informative and a relaxed atmosphere. Everything was done at our pace. Thoroughly recommend it!”

Some action shots from the evening…

flower workshop windsor eton riverside 34121132

Up & Coming Workshops

We are happy to organise our Workshops for group of friends and families on a day that suits you. Saturday evening Hen Parties…Sunday afternoon relaxing classes… Contact us to discuss your requirements.

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